“Going gay for a month”: a clear dismissal of LGBT+ people

Last week, Youtuber Logan Paul talked on his podcast about “going gay for a month” as one of his New Year’s Resolutions; he called it “male only March”. Inevitably, this caused a huge amount of backlash, and rightly so.

Various people tweeted their anger about what the Youtuber had said. Producer Daniel Preda talked about the “countless” LGBT+ people having been killed because of who they are before calling Paul’s comments “disgusting”.

But in response to another Tweet, Logan Paul described his comment as a “very poor choice of words”.

However, (and I’m sure I’m not alone in this) I really do fail to see how this was merely a “poor choice of words”. Even if it had been worded differently, his main message would have still been the same.

By saying what he did, Logan Paul clearly doesn’t – or chooses not to – understand what being gay really is. It shouldn’t have to be pointed out to him that it isn’t something that you can turn on and off whenever you feel like it – it’s a part of who a person is.

It was not a “poor choice of words”, it was a clear dismissal of what it means to be gay.

But this is all part of a much wider societal issue. It is obviously fantastic that LGBT+ rights are increasingly being recognised, and that many LGBT+ people can actually do many of the things they were previously prevented from doing. But we also can’t forget that, in certain parts of the world, LGBT+ people are still being persecuted just for being who they are. And that’s why attitudes need to continue to change.

It’s honestly disgusting that someone with a raised platform, like Logan Paul, would use it to be so dismissive of the LGBT+ community, as if being gay is a casual decision people make. If Paul, or any other Youtuber or influencer, don’t talk about societal issues in their work, that’s fine. Just don’t make light of something that is a big deal to millions of people around the world.

At the end of the day, we can only do what we can to ensure that people continue to be educated about these things. There is clearly still some way to go, even in more liberal societies.

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