My multi-national background, and why I’m proud of it

The UK is the place I’ve always known as home. I am so lucky to be from a country that has so many beautiful areas, a healthcare system that goes above and beyond to help us, and the most basic freedoms for its citizens. Of course, no country is perfect – least of all the UK – but I still love it.

But in terms of my national identity, there are a fair few countries I am connected to. From my parents, I’m linked to Germany, Austria, and Morocco. Not to mention I have relatives in Switzerland, the Netherlands and who knows where else! I’m fascinated by different countries and their customs, so having relatives all over the world is exciting.

These countries are just the ones I know about. I would love to look much further back to see where even more of my relatives were from; it’d be amazing to find out!

Now, this might sound a bit ironic after all I’ve just said, but I don’t actually ‘feel’ like I’m German, or Austrian, or Moroccan. But that doesn’t mean I can’t be proud that they make up my national background. From German efficiency to Moroccan markets to Austrian music, my relatives come from a diverse range of cultures. And as far as I’m concerned, that’s really exciting, and gives me another window to the world.

So although the UK makes up most of my national identity, I still appreciate the impact that some other countries has had on who I am. I might not feel like I’m one of their citizens, but I am grateful to be connected to some beautiful places. And anyway, who can really say they’re only one nationality?

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